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Signs of a Transmission Problem Part Two


We’re back for part two of signs of a transmission problem this week. Here are some more signs that your transmission might be having issues.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you’re leaking fluid, this will negatively affect the ability of the transmission to shift gears. When you check your fluid, it should be red, clear, and slightly sweet-smelling if it’s working correctly. Dark, burnt fluid is a sign of trouble. The only reason you would be low on fluid is because of a leak, as transmission fluid doesn’t burn up during use like oil does.

Grinding and Shaking

In a manual transmission, a grinding sound or shaking feeling after you shift into a new gears means you might have worn out the clutch, or it might need to be adjusted. It could also be that a gear synchronizer is worn out.

In an automatic gear, if the shift between gears becomes more noticeable, such as a jarring sensation between shifts, there is probably an issue with the transmission.

Strange Sounds

When automatic transmissions are having an issue, they may make a whining, humming, or buzzing sound. You’ll probably notice it as it will sound out of the ordinary. Sounds that problematic manual transmissions make include a clunking when you shift gears, and may sound more abrupt and mechanical than those in automatic transmissions.


Any sign of hesitation when shifting gears is not a good thing. In a manual, if the engine seems to be revving up faster than the car is running after shifting gears, the clutch may be worn out, or it may be a more serious transmission issue. In an automatic, if the car hesitates before going into park or drive, this too is a sign of a transmission problem.


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