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Should You Consider Used Transmissions?

Should You Consider Used Transmissions?

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of used transmissions.

Whether you own a vehicle with a manual or automatic transmission, transmission problems can stop your car in its tracks. Your transmission is designed to transfer energy from your car’s motor to its wheels. In automatic transmissions, sensors detect when the engine needs to shift gears. Without a functioning transmission, your car cannot successfully transfer power from the engine to the wheels. Transmission problems can be scary, and they can be even more frightening once you get your car to a mechanic’s shop. Fortunately, used transmissions are an excellent option when it comes time to replace your transmission. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of used transmissions.

When You Might Need to Look for Used Transmissions

Transmission problems can occur due to worn parts, leaks, or low fluid, and the symptoms are varied. You may experience trouble shifting gears or accelerating smoothly, or you may hear grinding noises. Delayed shifting or a lack of power from your engine can also be indicators of transmission trouble. Burning smells and pools of leaking fluid beneath your vehicle are a sure sign that you should visit your local auto repair shop. Of course, you may only see your check engine light up. Regardless of the first symptoms you notice, transmission problems can escalate quickly, so be sure to visit a trusted mechanic for diagnostic services and repair.

Pros and Cons of Used Transmissions

If you need a replacement transmission, shopping for used transmissions may be a good option. A used transmission is much more cost-effective than a new one, and it may be easier to find for some models. Depending on the source of your used transmission, it can be an incredibly reliable component. Still, some drivers just aren’t comfortable having used transmissions installed. If getting your car back on the road quickly, safely, and affordably is your goal, consider a used transmission from a reliable source. Rebuilt and remanufactured transmissions sometimes come with warranties, inspections, and other reassurances. While they may not seem shiny and new, they can certainly get your car running safely once more.

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