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Should I Warm My Car Up in the Morning?

Old man winter is making his presence known in Baltimore this week with snow and some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen this season. Many people are taking to letting their cars warm up in the morning. Some say it’s good for the engine, some do it before they scrape the ice off their car, and some just want a nice warm interior for the commute to work. But is letting the car idle for a minute before you start driving really good for the engine? Or are you just burning gas?


As it turns out, there’s really no need to let the care idle and warm up the engine for the engine’s sake. Modern, fuel-injected cars get no benefit from this practice, and older, carbureted cars (20 years or more) can actually suffer from it. The oil can get diluted with excess fuel, damaging the engine. The only time you might want to let the car idle for a minute or so is when temperatures are well below freezing, which allows the oil to thin out and circulate through the engine completely. Other than that, the best way to warm up the engine is actually just by gently driving the car. No need to wait!


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