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Should I Replace My Timing Belt?

What does a timing belt do? In simplest terms, it keeps your engine running. The timing belt is connected to the camshaft and crankshaft and coordinates their rotations so the valves and pistons in the engine move in sync. The timing belt is made out of synthetic rubber and has teeth that fit into grooves on both the camshaft and crankshaft to prevent it from slipping.

The timing belt is a pretty durable piece of equipment. Most car manufacturers suggest you replace it between every 60,000 and 100,000 miles. This is a wide range, so it’s a good idea to inspect it once your mileage reaches this range to see what kind of condition it’s in. The belt is in the engine bay under a removable plastic or metal shield. If it looks dried, frayed, or discolored, you should consider getting it replaced.

The timing belt is so essential to the function of the engine that if it breaks, the engine just won’t run. One minute you’ll be cruising along, and the next you’ll be dead in your tracks. This is why it’s important to check your timing belt for signs of decay. You can fix the belt yourself, but it’s a labor intensive process, and you risk damaging other parts of the engine in the process. If you think your timing belt might need to be replaced, stop by Auto Stop and we’ll check it out!





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