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See Your Baltimore Auto Mechanic for These Autumn Vehicle Maintenance Needs

See Your Baltimore Auto Mechanic for These Autumn Vehicle Maintenance Needs

Here are a few things to see your Baltimore auto mechanic about before winter hits.

With the weather in Baltimore steadily growing colder, it is only a matter of time before temperatures dip below freezing. There are a few things that vehicle owners need to take care of to ensure that their cars can run safely and reliably this winter. Here are a few things to see your Baltimore auto mechanic about before winter hits.

Check Your Tires and Brakes

Checking on your car’s tires and brakes is essential in any weather, but especially in Maryland in the winter. Black ice is a serious hazard, and bald tires or shoddy brakes can increase your risk. You should check your tires for their tread levels and amount of inflation. Have your tires rotated whenever you change the oil, and check your tire pressure at least once per month. Pay attention to any suspicious sounds or feelings when you apply your brakes. If you suspect that your brakes are failing or that your tires need replacement, bring your vehicle to your Baltimore Auto Mechanic for service.

Check Your Battery and Lights

If you cannot remember when you last had your car battery replaced, consider having it looked at. Extreme weather can cause your battery to fail, especially if it is an old battery. Getting stranded because of a drained battery is not only an inconvenience, but it can also be dangerous. You should also check your headlights, high beams, brake lights, and turn signals this fall. The days are getting shorter, and proper visibility is essential in poor weather.

Have a Baltimore Auto Mechanic Check Your Fluids, Hoses, and More

Rubber seals and hoses can harden and crack with age, causing a myriad of car issues. Low fluid levels in your brakes, transmission, steering system, and more can also cause problems. It is a good idea to have your Baltimore auto mechanic check these fluids, seals, and hoses in the fall. This helps ensure that your car will be able to function properly in the winter months, and you can avoid being stranded in the cold due to a malfunctioning transmission or worse.

Car Maintenance and Service From Your Baltimore Auto Repair Experts at Auto Stop Limited!

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