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School Year Driving Safety in Maryland

It’s nearing the end of August and you know what that means. Kids across Maryland are returning to the classroom for another school year. Some Maryland students have already returned, but the majority of county school systems start next week.

school driving safety


With the return of kids to school comes an influx of morning and mid-afternoon travelers on the roadways, as well as pedestrians in suburban areas near schools. More than 500 children die every year in traffic related incidents, so it’s important to be aware of the increased presence of vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Here are some safety tips to bear in mind during your commute once the school year starts.


Bus Safety

When a bus stops to let children on or off, drivers in both directions must stop and wait until the bus turns off its flashing lights and retracts its stop sign. It’s not only illegal but also reckless to pass a stopped school bus.

Commute Time

More drivers on the road means a longer commute. Keep this in mind and try to give yourself a head start in the morning to accommodate for the increased traffic. Drivers in a hurry are more likely to driver aggressively, which can lead to traffic violations or accidents. Remember that fines are often doubled in school zones, and that pedestrians by law have the right of way in crosswalks.

Safety for Parents and Children

Parents should instruct their child as to how to be safe when going to school. If the child takes the bus, he or she should wait at a safe distance from the side of the street, and wait for the bus to come to a stop before getting on. If he or she walks or bikes to school, make sure they only cross the street at marked crosswalks and dismount their bike before crossing.


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