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Safe Driving Tips From Your Baltimore Auto Repair Shop

Safe Driving Tips From Your Baltimore Auto Repair Shop

Safe driving during the winter months is paramount. Follow these safe driving tips to help you avoid a visit to your local Baltimore auto repair shop.

We had quite a snowy week here in Baltimore! Whenever there’s snow, there’s also an uptick in accidents. That means we see more people dropping by the auto repair shop in need of some help getting their vehicle up-and-running. While we love seeing our customers, we certainly don’t want it to be the result of any kind of accident, which is why we always prioritize safety. Safe driving during the winter months is paramount, which is why we have some tips to help you avoid a visit to the auto repair shop.

Stay Slow

It may seem obvious, but it’s always worth repeating: drive slower when roads are icy. If you drive too fast, it means your tires will have less contact with the actual pavement. That makes it harder for you to stop on a dime, meaning that you may end up rolling into traffic when you thought you were coming to a complete stop. Even if your vehicle is 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, you may still end up skidding out of control. If you see ice or snow, just slow down and save yourself a trip to an auto repair shop.

Prevent Skidding

If you start slamming on your breaks the moment you skid on ice, you may end up spinning out of control. Try skidding countermeasures.

First up is the front-wheel skid, where you release the accelerator, keep your hands where they are on the wheel, and let the vehicle slow down on its own. If you slam down on the brakes or turn the wheel, all you’ll do is make it more likely that you spin out.

If you’re rear-wheel skidding, or fishtailing, turn your wheel in the direction of the side of the vehicle that’s skidding out. Don’t do this too sharply, or you could increase the spin. Instead, just correct for the skid and straighten the vehicle out while slowly backing off your accelerator.

Make Yourself Noticed

If it’s snowing out, you may want to keep your lights on to make other drivers aware of your presence. Another way to increase visibility is to replace worn windshield and tail hatch wiper blades. Before you go out, remove all snow and ice from your windows. Lastly, use wiper fluids that are designed for sub-freezing temps.

Stop Accidents Entirely

The best way to avoid having to head to an auto repair shop because of a winter accident? Avoid driving entirely. If it’s possible, just stay home, wait for it to clear up, and let the pros get to work with salting and plowing everything.

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