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Replace Your Engine’s Belts and Hoses

The many hoses and belts found in your car’s engine are crucial to its function. Coolant hoses move coolant fluid from the radiator through the engine to keep it from overheating. Belts are equally important in keeping the engine both running and overheating. Most engines in newer cars come with a single multi-grooved serpentine belt that powers everything from the alternator and the water pump to the power-steering pump and the air-conditioning compressor. Older cars have separate belts to drive each component individually. In either case, the hoses and belts in a cars engine regulate lots of essential functions.


Like all components of a car, belts and hoses break down over time. They’re under a lot of stress due to the heat in the engine, which over time causes the rubber they’re made out of to harden and become less flexible. Hoses are also under stress from the inside, as certain components of the coolant they contain will slowly work to break them down from the inside. Because of this, its often difficult to know what kind of condition hoses are really in. A visual assessment can give you a clue, but won’t give you the full picture. New composite belts are similar, in that they often won’t show signs of wear until they fail and it’s too late. According to the Car Care Council, serpentine belts will last for about 50,000 miles.


Failure of a belt or hose can not only cause the engine to stop working, it can also cause further damage if overheating occurs. If you’re concerned about the condition of your engine’s belts and hoses, stop by Auto Stop today!


replace engine belts and hoses


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