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Replace Your Engine, or Get a New Car?

There comes a time in any engine’s life when it simply can’t go on any longer. However, this may not come at a time when it’s convenient for you to get a new or used car. If this is the case, you might consider rebuilding the engine. Here are a few reasons why.

Reasons to Replace Your Engine

First, when you repace your engine, you’re almost definitely going to end up having to replace other parts that work in tandem with the engine in some way, it’s support system if you will. This will increase the total cost of the repair, but it will also essentially give you a brand new vehicle under the hood. If the other parts of your car including the body, suspension, and brakes are in good shape, then it might makes more sense for you to replace the engine as opposed to the entire car.

Second, if you plan on keeping your car for awhile, you can actually get a full return on your investment. Depending on how much you drive your car, a new engine can pay for itself in relatively little time. This is an attractive prospect, especially if your car is already paid off.

Third, many car manufacturer’s sell fully assembled brand new engines that are ready to go and come with warranties.


Naturally, there are a fair amount of calculations you’ll need to do when deciding whether to repair or to get a new car. This article from Lifehacker does a great job of covering all the contingencies and possible situations. If you’re considering replacing your car’s engine in Baltimore, talk to Auto Stop today about our engine replacement service.

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