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Replace These Car Parts to Improve Your Gas Mileage

In a difficult economy, car owners have to keep a sharp eye on their gas mileage. Most car owners don’t know, however, that there are five parts that can improve mileage. Better gas mileage means you save more money in the long term, and your car will become a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Listed below are five parts to improve your gas mileage.


Learn 5 simple tips to improve your gas mileage.

Replace These Car Parts to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Mass Air Flow Sensor

A mass air flow sensor measures the air flow that enters the engine. The sensor send the information to the engine computer. The engine computer regulates fuel injection, the ignition system and transmission. When the air flow sensor gets dirty, the information being sent isn’t accurate. Make sure that the sensor is clean and you can improve your gas mileage.

The Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor will monitor the exhaust flow before and after the catalytic converter. The data will be sent straight to the engine computer, and the engine computer will adjust the fuel injection level. When the oxygen sensor is faulty, the data won’t be recorded accurately. If your car has more than 100,000 miles, you should look into replacing the sensor, which should help improve gas mileage.

Spark Plugs

You may hear how important it is to replace your spark plugs, and that’s because it’s true! When you have new spark plugs, you car will run more efficiently and cleaner.

Air Filters

Your air filters do exactly what the name sounds like. They filter the air that is coming into your car’s engine. Dirty filters are known to reduce gas mileage. If you have a car that is 10 years or older, make sure to get your air filters replaced.


Properly inflated tires are essential to gas mileage. Tires that are worn or underinflated will reduce your fuel economy. Make sure to check the pressure of your tires every month to receive the best gas mileage possible.


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