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Pothole Problems: How to Check Your Car for Damage Before It’s Too Late


Keep your car in top condition during this year’s spring thaw.  Here are some things to look for before possible damage becomes serious.

Baltimore has just gone through a particularly cold, harsh, and wet winter.  And it’s not over yet. Although it’s starting to get a bit warmer, Maryland weather is famous for its unpredictability.  Extreme conditions mean potholes and other kinds of damage to the roads.  This can cost you in more way than one if you don’t take the necessary precautions.  Keep your car in top condition during this year’s spring thaw.  Here are some things to look for before possible damage becomes serious.

Tire Punctures and Wear

Potholes will wreak havoc on your tires, so it’s imperative that you check out your tires.  Sometimes potholes are unavoidable if swerving to avoid them means hitting other cars on the road.  Be on the lookout for cracks caused by aging, sidewall scuffing, buckled rims, damaged sidewalls, feathering of tread, and shoulder and center wear.

Wheel Rim Damage

Once a rim endures damage, it should be fixed as soon as possible.  Driving on a vulnerable wheel can cause a lot more damage than it has to.  To check if a rim has a potential dent, remove the rim and inspect it for any dents, even minor ones.  If still unsure about your rim, take it to a local auto mechanic.  They can inspect it for you and let you know if you’re in need of a replacement.

Strain on Shocks and Struts

If you feel your car veering or slipping when driving in windy conditions, this can be a sign of worn shocks.  Excessive steering wheel shaking when braking is another sign of damaged shocks. Another easily noticed symptom of bad shocks is delayed or prolonged stopping distances.  If you are experiencing any of these, have your car inspected immediately.

Exhaust System Damage

Roads damaged by low temperatures and wet conditions can certainly damage your exhaust system as well as your tires and shocks.  If you hit a deep enough pothole, your car could easily “bottom out,” which could mean scraping the exhaust system. If you’re worried that the undercarriage of your car could have been damaged, come to a nearby Baltimore auto mechanic for a quick inspection.

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