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Oil Change Basics: What Kind of Oil Does Your Car Need?

Oil Change Basics: What Kind of Oil Does Your Car Need?

In this blog, we explore some basic info about motor oil that may come in handy during your next oil change.

Oil changes are one of the most fundamental aspects of preventative maintenance for your Baltimore car. Aside from scheduling oil changes, however, most drivers don’t really know specifics about the processes and materials involved. Your vehicle relies on a system full of the right type of motor oil to keep its engine lubricated and functioning properly, but what kind of motor oil is best for your car? In this blog, we explore some basic info about motor oil that may come in handy during your next oil change.

Routine Oil Changes are Vital

First and foremost, your vehicle’s motor oil should be clean and free of debris and contaminants. Clean motor oil lubricates your engine’s parts, minimizing wear and preventing damage to the components. Oil tends to get dirty or burnt over time, and the fluid levels may dip due to leaks. An oil change replaces the dirty fluid (and dirty filters), adding fresh, clean motor oil to the system. This procedure helps boost performance and prolong the life of your engine.

Common Types of Motor Oil

If you’ve perused the motor oil section of your local auto parts store, you’ve likely seen all sorts of numbers and letters on the bottles of motor oil. Drivers can choose between conventional, premium conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend oils, but many drivers aren’t entirely sure what to pick. In most cases, your mechanic or auto manufacturer will supply recommendations for replacement oil. It’s safest (and easiest) to go along with these recommendations. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the specifics of motor oil, here’s what you should know:

  • Weight and viscosity – Each oil has a measurable thickness or viscosity. This is referred to as its weight.
  • Numbering and naming conventions – Motor oil is typically labeled with a set of numbers, letters, and dashes (e.g., 5W-20, 10W-30). The W stands for “winter.” A lower number at the beginning indicates that the oil is less viscous (and flows better) in cooler temperatures. The number after the W indicates how well it flows at higher temperatures.
  • Seasonal oil blends – In the past, drivers often had to swap out their motor oil for cold-weather blends in the winter. This is typically unnecessary due to the development of multi-viscosity oils.

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