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Notice Any of These Transmission Warning Signs? Take Your Vehicle to the Baltimore Auto Repair Experts!

Transmissions are very crucial. It is always best to trust the experts when it comes to repairs.

Your vehicle’s transmission is crucial, so you want to make sure it’s running the way it’s supposed to.  Fortunately, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out if there’s something that should be addressed.

Leaking Fluids

Transmission fluid is bright red in color and has a sweet or tart smell.  If you see that it is leaking from your vehicle, it’s time to make an appointment with your Baltimore auto care specialist.  A bit of leaking fluid can quickly become an expensive repair, so make sure you take care of it right away. Some common causes of a transmission leak are:

  • Worn seals or gaskets
  • Recent maintenance, such as a transmission flush
  • Damaged bell housings
  • A loose transmission pan or pan leak
  • Out of balance drive shaft
  • Worn axles (FWD), engine, and transmission mounts

Warning Lights

As long as your car was made after about 1990 or so, it has a series of lights on the dash that tell you if there’s an issue somewhere.  These lights are there for a reason and you should pay attention to them.

Is Something Smelling a Bit Off?

Generally speaking, your vehicle shouldn’t be producing its own smells.  If it is, your Baltimore auto care specialist will be able to tell you if what you smell is cause for concern or not.  For example, if you smell something that could be burning that is DEFINITELY something you should worry about and get checked right away.

Check the Dipstick

Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid doesn’t burn off as it’s used. So, if the dipstick indicates that you’re low on fluid, or it’s the wrong color, you may want to have it serviced. Regular maintenance is they key to keeping your car running well as long as possible.

What’s that Sound?

If something sounds off it can be very unsettling, especially if that weird sound is coming from your vehicle. If you have a manual transmission, look out for a grinding noise or feeling when you shift gears.  If you have an automatic transmission, you will probably hear a whining, buzzing, or humming sound. Any strange sound can be an indicator of trouble, so be sure to pay attention.

The “Get Up and Go” Got Up and Went

Does your vehicle have a little less pep in its step lately?  Transmissions are designed to work on command. If you notice that your vehicle doesn’t go forward as soon as you hit the gas, it may mean your transmission needs checking.

Notice any of these warning signs?  Contact your Baltimore auto care specialist today!

Baltimore Transmission Repair

At Auto Stop Limited, our mechanics are highly trained and use state-of-the-art automotive diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your particular transmission issue, repair it, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We specialize in transmission repair and replacement for both cars and trucks in Maryland, providing complete transmission services at an affordable price. Our mechanics promise to diagnose your transmission repair problem in an honest and professional manner and all of our work is 100% guaranteed!

Transmission repair can be expensive. This is why it is so important to catch any potential problems early with regular, preventive maintenance.

If you have any questions about Transmission Preventive Maintenance, please contact Auto Stop by calling 410-467-7600 or visit AutoStopLTD.com today! You can also follow Auto Stop on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

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