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Nissan Rogue Transmission Repair Basics

Nissan Rogue Transmission Repair Basics

Visit the experts at Auto Stop Limited, Inc. for Nissan Rogue transmission repair and other automotive maintenance and repair services.

For Baltimore drivers, transmission trouble can be a nightmare. Transmission repair and replacement can get expensive fast, so it is critical for car owners to address transmission problems quickly. The Nissan Rogue is a compact SUV that utilizes a CVT, or “continuously variable transmission.” Although CVTs are designed to shift gears more smoothly than other transmissions, Rogue drivers have reported a few transmission-related problems. Visit the experts at Auto Stop Limited, Inc. for Nissan Rogue transmission repair and other automotive maintenance and repair services.

Nissan Rogue Transmission Problems

The Nissan Rogue is just one model that features a continuously variable transmission, and Nissan offered an extended warranty for CVT-related issues for model years 2003 to 2010. While the use of a CVT was intended to provide smoother shifting, Rogue drivers have reported a few problems. Some owners report that their CVT slips, jerks, loses power, or experiences other issues such as thrown error codes, low transmission fluid, or grinding and shaking.

Signs That You Need Transmission Repair

There are a few clear warning signs that can indicate the need for Nissan Rogue transmission repair. Grinding noises, burning smells, and trouble shifting are classic signs of transmission trouble, and an illuminated check engine light can also indicate the need for transmission repair. A diagnostic trouble code (DTC) stored on your vehicle’s computer can provide valuable information to your auto repair team, as can clear descriptions of any symptoms.

Diagnosing and Treating Transmission Issues

The CVT’s failsafe mode may be to blame for some drivers experiencing a lower quality of performance. This failsafe mode is designed to reduce the vehicle’s speed in order to prevent further damage to the transmission. Mechanics will often check the car’s onboard computer for DTCs and perform further physical inspection. Depending on problems revealed during the diagnostic process, transmission repair may be possible. For some units, replacing faulty valves or flushing the transmission fluid may be all that is needed. However, in some instances, a full replacement is necessary.

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