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You Need New Brakes if You Notice These Warning Signs


Keep an eye (and ear) out for these warning signs that your vehicle needs new brakes!

Brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle to keep in good working order at all times. They are usually taken for granted most of the time, at least until there’s a problem with them. However, there may be nothing more terrifying than engaging your brake pedal and having nothing happen as a result. How can you tell whether you need new brakes? Here are some warning signs to watch out for.

Audible Noise

This is the classic sign that people tend to listen for. And while brake trouble might not only be indicated by the audible noise, it is still a pretty important sign that new brakes are needed. A small metal shim, called the indicator, is located in the brake pads. When they wear down to a low level, the indicator causes the brakes to make a high-pitched squealing sound whenever they are engaged.

This squeal can also occur after your vehicle has been exposed to water, so if this is the case, check to make sure that the squeal wears off after a couple of applications to your brakes.

Reduced Responsiveness

While the audible noise indicates a problem with your brake pads, other indications can point to other problems in your braking system. If your brakes don’t respond as well as they used to or if the pedal sinks into the floor, this may be a sign of an air leak or brake fluid leak.


If your vehicle pulls to one side or the other when braking, this might indicate that your brake linings are wearing unevenly. Your mechanic should be able to adjust your brakes to compensate for this or drain and replace the brake fluid.


A vibrating brake pedal usually means one of two things – either your rotors are warped, or your vehicle is out of alignment.  Warped rotors are usually caused by severe braking during an extended period of time like when you drive down a steep mountain slope. The heat generated by braking under extreme duress can cause the rotors to warp.

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