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Need Brake Service? Watch for These Signs

Need Brake Service? Watch for These Signs

If you see or hear these indications of brake trouble, bring your car to the professionals at Auto Stop Limited Inc. for brake service.

Your brakes are essential for the safe operation of your car. While your vehicle would technically run without them, they are crucial for slowing down and stopping safely. Brake service is vital to maintaining a safe vehicle, and fortunately, many of the indicators of faulty brakes are fairly noticeable. If you see or hear these indications of brake trouble, bring your car to the professionals at Auto Stop Limited Inc. for brake service.

1. Your Car Pulls Over to One Side When Braking

If you have noticed a slight pull to one side when you come to a stop, you probably have a brake issue. Things like uneven wear on your brake pads, impurities in your brake fluid, or a faulty brake hose can cause your vehicle to veer off course when braking. While this is often nothing more than a slight pull, the problem can quickly worsen and become incredibly unsafe.

2. Strange Noises Occur When Braking

Whenever you start hearing a strange noise coming from your vehicle, you should consider bringing it to your trusted Baltimore mechanic for inspection and repair. If you start hearing squealing, grinding, or howling when you apply pressure to your brakes, you should definitely bring your vehicle in for brake service. Squealing is often one of the first signs of brake failure, and howling and grinding noises mean that your brake pads are likely incredibly worn. When your brake pads are excessively worn, you will probably have to replace other components to return your brakes to their proper function.

3. You Have a Soft Brake Pedal

A “soft” brake pedal is one that requires you to push your pedal down further than usual to engage your brakes. Soft brake pedals can also be described as springy or having more give than usual. While this can be a sign of worn brake pads, a soft brake pedal is also a telltale sign of serious issues with your brake lines or brake fluid. These problems must be addressed promptly for your vehicle to remain safe.

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