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More Tips for Driving in the Snow

Baltimore woke up this morning to a blanket of fluffy white snow, and though we weren’t hit as hard as our neighbors to the north, the snow is still making driving conditions less than ideal. In a follow up to a recent blog, here are some more tips on how to drive safely in the snow.


Slow Down

The best way to avoid an accident while driving in the snow is to slow down. The slower you go, the more control you have over the vehicle and the less likely it is that you’ll spin out. If you do spin out, it’s much better to do so at a slower speed, as you won’t spin as far.

Look for Black Ice

This is easier said than done, because black ice can be almost transparent in many cases. If there’s a glare or shine on the road, it’s probably black ice. Avoid it if you can, but don’t make drastic movements to do so, which could cause you to spin out.

Don’t Oversteer

On that note, try not to oversteer if you can help it. This can be difficult, as your natural reaction when your tires start to lose their grip is to steer in the opposite direction to correct this. However, this will only cause you to spin out and lose control of your vehicle.

Know the Road

If you do have to drive in snow, try to drive on familiar roads. Memorize where the icy spots occur so you can take extra care at these locations.

Don’t Count on Technology

If your vehicle has all wheel drive or electronic stability control, remember that these features can only do so much. In the end, you’re in control of the vehicle, and if there’s not enough traction, these features won’t help.


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