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Mini Cooper Maintenance Tips from Baltimore Auto Professionals

Baltimore Mini

Stay looking good and feeling fine in your Baltimore Mini with these maintenance tips.

Mini Coopers are great cars that give you all the luxury you want in a sports car combined with the sleekness of fine European craftsmanship. These elegant English cars are becoming more popular in the United States because of their unique look and high horsepower. If you’re a Mini owner in Baltimore, you want to know what issues to look for in your unique sports car. Don’t let a small problem in your Mini Cooper become costly and time-consuming. Stay looking good and feeling fine in your Baltimore Mini with these maintenance tips.

Clutch Wear

One of the more major problems to look for in Minis with manual transmissions is premature clutch wear. Some manual transmission Mini owners have complained about this becoming problematic. If your Mini has a manual transmission, be sure to have it looked at by a Baltimore auto expert as soon as possible.

Power Steering Pump

Another part you’ll want a local, trustworthy mechanic to look at is the electric power steering pump. Reports have shown that the electric power steering pump on the Mini is vulnerable to failure. Have a professional take a look at the cooling fan as well because this is usually what causes this pump to fail.


Changing the transmission fluid in your Mini every 30,000-40,000 miles is a good rule of thumb. Regular fluid changes will save you money down the line and prevent any major damage from happening to your transmission.

Electric Locks

The Mini is prone to problems with the electric door locks as well. If you’re living in or near Baltimore City, it’s a good idea to keep your Mini locked at all times, especially if you do not have a garage for it to go in. If you’re experiencing any issues with your electric locks, get in touch with a Baltimore auto professional as soon as you can.

Front Radiator

Since your Mini Cooper’s front radiator is made of plastic, it can be easily damaged. It is best to exercise extreme caution when parking anywhere. It doesn’t take harsh damage to dent this delicate of your Mini.

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