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Look to the Future: The Pros of Self-Driving Cars

self-driving cars

How will the groundbreaking advancements in self-driving cars impact your life as a Maryland driver?

Whether you like it or not, self-driving cars are on the rise. Huge technological advancements are happening in every industry, and these advancements are making humans a less critical part of operating any kind of system. The automotive industry, of course, is no different. But how will these groundbreaking advancements impact your life as a driver in Maryland? Let’s check out a few reasons why experts are eager to see how self-driving cars will affect future of car safety.

No More Drunk-Drivers

Uber, in so many ways, has already alleviated much of this problem. People living in cities and highly-populated urban areas use Uber regularly, especially on the weekends to avoid drinking and driving. Self-automated cars, however, will eliminate the need to order an Uber or call a service. Your car will always be the designated driver. If you’re a Baltimore-area driver who likes to unwind with a few drinks, this is an absolute “pro” for you.

No More Distractions

Drivers in Maryland and D.C. know that traffic can be horrible, and it’s nearly impossible to stay on-task sometimes. Distraction is what causes most accidents, and when your car is doing the driving, there won’t be any accidents caused by people checking a text at the wrong time or adjusting the controls in their car while mindlessly going through a stop sign. With the average attention span being only eight seconds, letting your car do the driving sounds like a much safer bet than hoping your mind stays on-task for a long enough to get you home safely. Autonomous cars will allow you to talk, sing, eat, etc. without causing any danger to yourself or other drivers/passengers.

No More Human Error

There are many dangers on the roads, but the greatest threat of all is looking right back at you in the mirror. Human error accounts for nearly all of the automotive accidents that happen around the world. Whether it’s a tiny fender bender or an all-out car-totaling wreck, car accidents are happening all the time due to distractions and mishandling. We know that even with autonomous cars, there will still be accidents, but the goal is that there are far less than there are today. Of course, this can’t be truly measured until self-driving cars become more commercially available, so we’ve yet to see what the future holds in store for Maryland drivers.

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