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What to Know Before You Go: Tire Maintenance Tips


Keep a vigilant eye on your tires with these quick tire maintenance tips from Baltimore auto repair professionals.

Maintaining your tires is one of the most important aspects of car maintenance. Depending on the type, tires can last years if regularly checked and kept in good condition. Your car can’t get you around safely or easily without tires that are in shape. Keep a vigilant eye on your tires with these quick tire maintenance tips from Baltimore auto repair professionals.

Tire Pressure

Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly, and especially before heading out on a long road trip. Don’t check just one or two of your tires; check all of them at once. You want to ensure that each tire is at the proper PSI level. If unsure of what your proper PSI level is, most car manufactures post this on the inside of the driver’s side door. If you cannot locate it on the inside of your car door, this information will be in the driver’s manual.

Proof in the Grooves

The grooves on your tires tell you a lot about their overall wear and tear. Bald tires mean bad things for your tires’ performance. If the grooves and tread has worn down enough to the point where your tires are bald, it is time to buy new tires. The correct tread depth for average tires is 2/32-inches, and you can check easily by using a penny. Put Lincoln’s head upside down, and place it in a groove. Check to see if the top of his head is showing, and if it is, it is time for that tire to be replaced. Take your car to a Baltimore auto professional as soon as possible before even more damage happens.


Tires should be rotated every 5,000-7,000 miles. Frequent tire rotation prevents uneven wear and tear to your tires overall. This will allow the tires to perform as desired, and will help you maintain easy handling of your vehicle and high fuel economy. Contact your local Baltimore auto repair service for a quick and easy tire rotation that will make your ride feel as good as new.

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