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Keeping Your Engine Cool this Summer with Services from Your Baltimore Auto Repair Shop

Keeping Engine Cool Baltimore Auto Repair

Your Baltimore auto repair shop explains how we keep your engine cool in the heat of the summer.

With the hot Baltimore summer on the horizon, many drivers don’t even think about the strain the temperatures can put on our vehicle’s engine. The very nature of the engine’s operation and design means that a lot of the power generated ends up converted into heat and wasted. Vehicles have dedicated systems which cool the engine and keep things running the way they should. It is very important to maintain the cooling system, so why not have it checked by the Baltimore auto repair experts before the stifling heat truly sets in? There are a few services that should be performed on your vehicle’s cooling system periodically to ensure peak performance.

Hose Checks

The cooling system feeds antifreeze throughout the engine and radiator by means of hoses, but sometimes leaks can spring up. Is your engine running a hotter than normal immediately after starting it? Is the temperature gauge creeping up higher and higher as you drive? Do you notice green or orange fluid underneath your parked vehicle? These may be the signs of a leak and it’s important to have it addressed as quickly as possible. When the temperature of your engine gets hot enough, it can lead to severe damage and more expensive repairs.

Cooling System Flush and Fill

It’s a good idea to have the cooling system flushed and filled about every 40,000 – 50,000 miles (or as specified by the manufacturer) in order to ensure peak performance. The mechanic will take a close look at your radiator and cooling system before draining the old antifreeze and refilling the radiator with fresh cooling fluids. If you don’t know when the cooling system was last flushed and filled, your vehicle will exhibit some warning signs telling you to get it done:

  • Check engine warning light turns on
  • Engine is overheating
  • Some vehicles have a dedicated low coolant warning light similar to the low oil warning light in the dash

The summer heat will already take a toll on your engine this summer, so make sure your cooling system is up to the task of keeping your engine cool by scheduling an appointment with Auto Stop!

Cooling System Maintenance from Auto Stop Limited

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