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Issues That Happen After Your Radiator Fails


Keep your radiator in good condition to avoid costly repairs.

Your car’s radiator plays a significant role in how your vehicle runs. Over time, heat builds up in your car’s cooling system and your radiator helps get rid of this heat. Coolant goes through your radiator, which is necessary for it to do its job, but the excess buildup of debris can be an issue. Too much debris can lead to a blockage that negatively affects your radiator’s ability to function. After your radiator fails, more parts of your car can have issues too. Here are some of them.


No matter what size engine you have, there is an ideal temperature it should be for optimal performance. Your car’s thermostat regulates temperature and is located at the end of the bottom radiator hose and manages the flow of water to the cooling system. After the engine gets to the optimal temperature, the thermostat opens up. After your radiator fails, there is a large amount of pressure placed on your thermostat, and its valve can get stuck.

Water Pump

Your water pump also plays a big role in the cooling process. It uses an impeller (usually made of plastic) to keep coolant moving through the cooling system’s hoses. In the case that your radiator breaks down, its debris could damage the impeller, causing it to break too. This could lead to pieces of your impeller getting

Heater Core

Your heater core looks a lot like your radiator, even down to the tubing that makes up its internal components. The heating core helps make hot air for your car’s heating system, which is an important job. When your radiator has issues, it can break down and get stuck in the heater core’s tubing. Also, the increased pressure that results from a radiator breaking could even make your heater core break.

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