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Is Premium Gas Really That Much Better Than Unleaded?

If you’re like most Americans, you probably drive around to more than one gas stations to find the best price before filling up. Even the difference of a few cents can feel like it adds up, and who doesn’t like getting the best deal? So you may wonder whether the price difference between premium gas and unleaded is really worth it. Find out in today’s blog!

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Does it really matter if you fill your car with premium gas instead of unleaded? Find out in today’s blog.

Premium gas vs. regular unleaded: the age-old debate

If your car is designed to run on regular gas, you may wonder whether splurging on premium every once in awhile will make it run better or increase its performance. The answer? Nope! If your owner’s manual outlines the fact that your car will run on regular then you won’t see any performance or other benefits from treating it to premium gas. The only reason you would need premium gas is if your engine requires it and does not run on regular.

So who does need to use premium gas?

If your owner’s manual claims that your car’s engine is designed to run off of premium gas then you should probably stick with that. However, even in that case you can probably get away with using regular gas about half the time. Premium gas will provide your engine with a little bit of extra power, but you can still save yourself money by occasionally purchasing regular unleaded rather than pricey premium gas every single time you stop to fill up your tank. If your manual says that you must use premium gas in order to prevent piping or knocking then it’s best to follow their instructions by sticking with only premium gas.

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