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Is it Time For a Clutch Replacement? Watch Out For These Red Flags

You should always refer to the knowledge and skills of a trained mechanic when there is an issue with your car.

If you know more about how your car works, however, you will be able to detect early warning signs much faster than the average person. If you think you may need a clutch replacement, these are the biggest red flags to watch out for.

The Basics Behind a Clutch

Knowing these signs you need a clutch replacement will save you from further damage.

Watch for these signs to know if you need a clutch replacement.

The clutch is a vital component to ensure a smooth ride. A gearbox will have two rotating shafts. One rotating shaft drives the motor, and the other shaft powers a separate device. The clutch acts as the connector between both shafts, and it enables them to spin at the same time. In a vehicle, the clutch is used to regulate the power to the engine. It’s also used to control the transfer of power from the vehicle’s engine to the wheels and transmission.

Warning Signs for a Clutch Replacement: Burning Smells and Smoke

One of the easiest warning signs to spot for a clutch replacement is if you notice a burning smell or see excessive smoke. The burning smell will be reminiscent of rubber burning, and it can sometimes be accompanied by smoke coming from underneath your car. This generally means that there is damage to your clutch, which is caused by overheating. It also means that there is wear and tear on your clutch plate.

Warning Signs for a Clutch Replacement: Slipping Out of Gear

You may be in need of a car repair if your vehicle slips out of gear, seemingly for no reason. This means that gear slippage has occurred, and it is prone to happen under heavy loads. Your clutch may need to be replaced, or it could mean that you have an oil leak from the crankshaft to the clutch plate. No matter what the problem turns out to be, you still need to have your car repaired.

Warning Signs for a Clutch Replacement: Clutch Sticks

When your clutch sticks, it will be harder to press or disengage from your pedals. This mostly likely means hydraulic linkages have failed. This causes a lot of pressure, which is why the pedals are so difficult to use. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a failure of the clutch, but the leak will still need to be repaired.

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