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I Hit a Pothole. Now What? Baltimore Auto Experts Weigh In


If you’ve hit a pothole, here is a list of the car parts you need to check out to properly assess any possible damage.

In the summer months, the transportation department is out and about finally repairing some of the potholes that have formed along Baltimore city streets. But the transportation department can’t get to all of the potholes as quickly as you’d like, and chances are, you’ve hit a few here or there over the months. Some potholes are simply unavoidable, with swerving not always the safest option. If you’ve hit a hidden pothole too hard, your stomach instantly sinks and you wonder what parts have been affected. If you’ve hit a pothole, here is a list of the car parts you need to check out to properly assess any possible damage.


The first things you need to check are your tires. After crashing into that unanticipated pothole, your tires are what usually take the biggest hit. Look for sidewall bulges, tread separation, and, of course, flats. If you see any of these signs of tire damage, it’s best to have a professional auto mechanic take a look and check for more severe damage as well.


Of course, your tires aren’t the only things that can be damaged in a pothole collision. Potholes normally hard, jagged edges that can cause a lot more damage than it may initially seem. If a rim hits a pothole too hard or in the wrong way, it can dent the rim and cause a lot of problems. If you notice a dent, chip, or crack in your wheel, take it into a trusted car maintenance service immediately as the damage may become a severely dangerous problem.


After checking your wheels and tires, which certainly take the hardest hit, it’s time to take a look at your suspension. If you’re inexperienced with car maintenance, you may not know exactly what you’re looking at which point it’s a good idea to contact your local auto professional. If you feel comfortable checking our car’s suspension after a pothole collision, look for misalignment, broken ball joints, as well as damaged shocks and struts.

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