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How to Prevent Road Salt from Rusting Your Car

Salt, especially the thick salt from the roads, is a tough substance that if not taken care of, can quickly and effectively rust your car.

How to keep it clean?

·Don’t forget about the undercarriage of your car. This is where mud and debris usually gathers, but unlike them, salt will eat away at the car. Take your car to a car wash and ask for undercarriage cleaning and look at  the difference.

·Use soap made for washing cars. Dish soap can strip the wax from your car.

·Clean all parts. Make sure to clean your doors as well as outside door seals, tires, and wheel covers.

How to keep it dry?

·It’s important to dry the car after cleaning it. Make sure to dry all the small places under like door handles and undercarriage areas. You only have to use a rag but be aware of the smallest collection of water and debris in the smallest areas.

·After washing and drying, apply a coat of wax to the car. This will keep the exterior clean and protected from the elements.

When to Clean?

·A freshly cleaned car is less likely to accumulate salt and debris, so if your car is already dirty then the chances of rust developing increase.

·Once your freshly cleaned car is all dirtied up, you should clean again after one or two weeks. Rust develops slowly, but the longer you wait to clean the harder it will be to get the car as fresh as it was before it started battling the salty roads.


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