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How to Inspect a Used Car

If you’re shopping around for a used car, it’s important to know how to inspect the car. Many choose to shop for a used car because they’re more affordable than a new car, but used cars generally have issues that new cars don’t. Belts may be old and worn out, tires may need to be replaced, the engine may have seen a lot of miles. Some of the issues with an old car such as small repairs are an acceptable part of the cost of a used car, but others such as serious engine or brake concerns make cause you to think twice about the purchase. With that in mind, here are a few things to look for when shopping for a used car.

How to Inspect a Used Car



On the exterior of the car, you’ll want to check out the frame, paint, tires, and headlights. Frame damage is common if the car has been in an accident, but it can easily be hidden with repairs. Still, you don’t want a car with a damaged frame. Your Baltimore auto mechanic can help you find any frame damage on the vehicle. Likewise, dents, rust, or scratches in the body and paint are signs that the car hasn’t been well maintained. If you’re lucky, the tires will be new and won’t need replacing. If they’re old, with little tread, you may be able to get the seller to come down in price to accommodate for the price of new tires.

Under the Hood

If you’re knowledgeable in car engines, you may be able to do this inspection yourself, but otherwise, it’s best to take the used car to a Baltimore auto mechanic for an inspection under the hood (as well as everywhere else). One thing you can check out yourself is the state of the belts under the hood. If they look worn down, frayed, or cracked, they will need to be replaced, as this could put the engine at risk of serious damage.


Of course you’ll want to take a test drive, which gives you a chance to check out the interior. A well-maintained car will have a clean interior with no stains or tears. Note the mileage on the odometer, as well as whether everything on the dash and center console functions as it should, including the air conditioner. During your test drive, note how the steering and brakes respond, and listen for any strange noises. And don’t forget to set your course for your Baltimore auto mechanic for a full-service inspection of the used car you’re looking at.


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