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How to Find Your Car in a Parking Lot on Black Friday

Black Friday is just two days away, and you know what that means. Everyone will be out shopping trying to get the best deals of the year. Everyone will also be looking for the best parking spot, which on Black Friday is not easy to find. It can be even harder to find your car on Black Friday in parking lots which are packed and full of cars and people looking for spots. If you’re always losing track of where you parked your car, it’s a good idea to go in with a plan this Friday. Try some of these tips to make sure you don’t lose your car in the parking lot this Black Friday!

5 Tips for Finding Your Car in the Parking Lot

Use Your Remote Lock

If you have a remote lock/unlock device, you can use this to hone in on your car, kind of like sonar. Hold it above your head (this extends its range) and press the lock button to trigger the beeping lock sound from your car. Follow your ears until you’ve found your car!

Park Near a Landmark

There aren’t many landmarks in parking lots, but there are some spots which may be easier to remember than others. Try parking in a corner, next to a tall light post, or a tree. This will at least narrow down your search to a smaller area.

Take a Picture with Your Phone

Take a picture of the store you’re about to enter from your parking spot. This will give you a point of reference to work from. Before you enter the store, take another picture back towards where you came from. This should help guide you in the right direction.


Grab one of those Ravens window flags and attach it to your car! There are bound to be other people with these flags, but this will at least give you something to look for.

Tag Team

Shopping with a partner? If one of you is tired, rest in the car while the other goes to shop. When they’re done, have them call you. You can pull up right by the exit and be on your way!

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