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How to Choose the Right Winter Tires

If you live in a region with consistently harsh winter conditions, your car will definitely benefit from snow tires. Harsh winter conditions include temperatures below 45 degrees, consistent snowfall, frequently frozen roads, and distinct elevation changes. Winterizing your car will make it handle better and be safer in winter conditions. There are many things to consider when purchasing a winter tire. These include vehicle, terrain, budget, and driver preferences.


Winter tires keep you safer.

Do You Still Need Winter Tires If You Live In An Area Where It Doesn’t Snow?

If you live in an area where temperatures consistently fall below 45 degrees, even if it does not snow, your vehicle and personal safety can greatly benefit from winter tires.  The compounding found in snow tires works better than all-season tires in cold weather because it remains more flexible in cold temperatures. This allows them to better adhere to the road surface in winter weather and improve your automotive safety.

If You Have All Season Tires, Are Winter Tires Necessary?

All season tires are designed to passably handle all types of weather a driver encounters over the year’s seasonal changes. However, in exchange for the adaptability, which demands a number of compromises, they do not perform exceptionally in any of these circumstances. While an all season tire is better than nothing in the winter months, to successfully winterize your vehicle in harsh and potentially dangerous conditions, winter tires are a must.

How Many Winter Tires Does Your Vehicle Require?

It is actually a common misconception that a car only needs to be put on the front or back tires in order to ensure vehicle safety in winter conditions. A combination of snow tires and all seas or summer tires can actually be incredibly dangerous and cause significant safety risks. This can make your car difficult to handle and behave unpredictably even under normal weather conditions. Purchasing 4 winter tires is a necessity.

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