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How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Car?

With cold weather here to stay for the next few months in Baltimore, you might be finding that your car is acting a little different. Maybe it’s having a little trouble starting in the morning. Or maybe your tires are losing pressure faster. These are both normal effects that the cold weather can have on your car. Learn more about what the cold does to your car and what you can do to counteract it in this week’s blog.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Car?


The Battery

Cold draws voltage from your battery, which can make it more difficult to start your car. It can also make the battery die faster. The battery starts to lose voltage at freezing or below.

If you have a garage, park your car in there, where it may be a little warmer than it is outside. Another good thing to do is remove any corrosion that may be built up on your battery. You may want to consider replacing your battery if it’s more than 3 or 4 years old. Learn the signs your battery needs to be replaced in our blog.


The cold can cause your car’s fluids to thicken up, making it harder for the car to start. Make sure your fluid levels are topped off to give your car what it needs to work with.


Cold air causes your tires to lose pressure faster. Low tire pressure will cause your tread to wear down faster, which you really don’t want in winter when roads are slippery. Low tire pressure can also reduce the handling capabilities of the car. Make sure you check your tire pressure and adjust it if needed once a week. Also, consider getting your tires rotated and your wheels aligned.

Wipes and Washer Fluid

One mistake drivers sometimes make is not clearing off their windshield of ice, or hoping that their wiper fluid will melt the ice. While some wiper fluids are designed to aid in ice melting, running your wipers over an icy or snowy windshield increases the risk that they will break. Use an ice scraper to clear off the whole windshield.


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