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How Does a Turbocharger Work?

Turbochargers are a popular aftermarket addition, designed for car owners who are looking to add power to their engine without adding weight. Learn how turbochargers work in this week’s blog.


How Does a Turbocharger Work?


All engines need to take in air as a part of the process of combustion. The goal of the turbocharger is to get more in to the engine. Why? Because the more air that’s in the engine, the more fuel can be added to the mix. This results in more power out of every explosion in every cylinder.

So how does the turbocharger get more air in? A turbocharged is what’s known as a forced air induction system. It compresses the air it sucks in so more air can be delivered to the engine’s cylinders. In order to compress the air, the turbocharger actually uses the energy from the flow of exhaust away from the engine to spine a turbine at up to an amazing 150,000 RPM. The turbine spins an air pump, which compresses the air and introduces it into the engine’s cylinders.

How much power does this add? First, let’s assume we’re at sea level, where atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi. The turbocharger adds an additional 6-8 psi, which means your engine receives about 50% more air with a turbocharger than it would without.

With real world use, you’ll probably see an improvement of a little less, than 50%, most likely between 30-40%. This is owing to the fact that the turbocharger gets its energy from its placement of the turbine in the exhaust flow. The turbine restricts the flow of the exhaust somewhat. When the engine takes its exhaust stroke, it has to do more work. This means that a little of the extra power the turbocharger generates is lost. Still, the end result is a net 30-40% increase in power.

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