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Help, My Car Won’t Start! Your Baltimore Mechanic Explains Possible Causes

There is absolutely nothing worse than going outside in the freezing cold to warm up your car, only to realize that the engine won’t turn over. Okay, it’s never fun when your car won’t start no matter the weather, but it always seems to happen at the very worst time. There are a number of reasons why your car might not start so you’ll probably need to get it checked out by your Baltimore mechanic, but in today’s blog we offer a few insights into what the problem might be.


It’s a real headache when your car won’t start.

Help, My Car Won’t Start! Your Baltimore Mechanic Explains Possible Causes

Battery problems

When you turn your key in the ignition, does your battery engage? An easy way to determine whether your battery is on is to check any electrical components inside your car: If you can turn on the radio and interior lights, then your battery is just fine. If absolutely nothing even registers when you try to turn it on then it’s time to ask a friend for a jump or buy a new car battery.


Ignition switch issues

If your battery is still doing just fine but your engine won’t turn over, it could be an issue with your ignition switch. To test it out, turn your key to the on position (as if you’re just trying to turn on the battery, don’t turn it all the way to start) and take a look at the dashboard. If your red warning lights don’t light up, it probably means you’ve got a problem with your ignition switch and you should call your Baltimore mechanic to check it out.


Starter won’t start

Starter problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including battery corrosion. Unfortunately, this is a very difficult thing to check for if you’re not a trained and experienced professional. It is one of the most common issues, though, so if you’re certain that the battery and ignition switch aren’t to blame, you likely have a starter problem on your hands. Your Baltimore mechanic will easily be able to run the necessary diagnostics tests to determine the true cause of your car trouble.


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