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A Guide to Cleaning Your Headlights

A Guide to Cleaning Your Headlights

Your headlights are going to be one of your best friends during the rainy, foggy conditions we can expect as fall draws on.

Part of driving as safely as you can is making sure you can see the road that’s ahead of you. Once your windshield is fully repaired, you should also check on other critical components of your car. Your headlights are going to be one of your best friends during the rainy, foggy conditions we can expect as fall draws on. Here is a useful guide to cleaning your headlights.  

Routine Headlight Cleaning

You should clean the exterior of your car once a week. Don’t forget to include cleaning your headlights during this process. You’ll keep your car looking beautiful, and increase how long it’ll live for; as fall and winter continue however, you’ll want to clean and wash your care more often. Taking your car to a car wash can help, but you should also pay special attention to the windshields, windows, side mirrors, and headlights.  

Cleaning Bugs Off

The longer your headlights are on, the hotter they will get. Although many bugs are going back into hibernation as colder weather settles in, the fall and winter will still see plenty of bugs. They might splatter onto your headlights and dry up, leaving a disgusting crust you’ll want to get rid of as soon as possible. Glass cleaners and microfiber cloths, along with some sweat and determination, can get your headlights looking spiffy again.

Four Ways to Clean Your Headlights

Preparing: Read any and all instructions and then make sure you have everything you need to begin cleaning your headlights. Put masking tape on the body and trim surrounding the headlights. Doing this can help you avoid sanding damage to the paint job. Remember to wear safety glasses and take your time!

Sanding: Choose the sandpaper with the lowest amount of sand. When applying the wet sandpaper, make sure you cover the entire headlight. You might have to use different sand-grit levels as you go, which will all help clear up your headlights.

Polishing: Grab a polishing pad and some polishing solution. You can use this polish to clean the sand-grit off of your headlights. Do this step twice, and hit every part of the headlight, so you can maximize how bright and clean the lights will now be.

Sealing: Some headlight cleaning kits will come with a sealer. Using a sealer can extend how long the headlights remain clean. When it’s time to do the sealing, make sure you use a microfiber cloth. Once the sealer is dry, take off the masking tape and rinse any dust or debris that might have collected elsewhere on your car.

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