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Got Engine Trouble?

Don't get stuck in a sticky situation while on your commute. Check out these warning signs of car engine trouble.

Don’t get stuck in a sticky situation while on your commute. Check out these warning signs of car engine trouble.

We’ve all been there. You’re cruising down the highway and hear a weird noise or maybe smell something funky. The natural response is to panic when you think that something is wrong with your car. After all, you don’t want to be that person broken down on the side of the road, do you? Check out these warning signs of car engine troubles, before it’s too late.

The Check Engine Light

The first and most obvious sign of engine trouble is painfully simple.The check engine light came on. Knowing that something is wrong with your car doesn’t get easier than the car telling you that something is wrong. If you’ve ever had car troubles, you know that there are many different lights that appear on your dashboard, all meaning something different. Its very important not to ignore warning signs when these lights start to glow. Take your vehicle into the shop as soon as possible to get it checked out!

The Loud and Weird Noises

When you hear a weird car noise on the road, it can be easy just to blame the car next to you for the outburst. If you start hearing these noises consistently, it might be time to face the truth- that the noises are coming from right under your own hood. Many noises that a car makes are quite normal and there is no need for concern. But, if turning the key in the ignition becomes so loud that it wakes the neighbors, it might be time to bring your car into the shop for maintenance.

The Smoking Car

In the beginning stages of car engine trouble, smoke might come out of your tailpipe. Granted, it is behind your car. So, it isn’t really your fault that you didn’t see it, right? The two main types of smoke that may come out of your tailpipe are blue and white smoke. Blue smoke means that somewhere along the path of your engine, there is a spot where oil is escaping from its intended pipes. In this case, take your car into the shop ASAP to get the proper maintenance done. If there is white smoke coming out of your car, it is most likely due to some sort of problem with your car’s cooling system. Adding a coolant or antifreeze can temporarily solve this problem, but it is wise to take it in to make sure that the coolant has not mixed with the fuel source. If smoke is coming out of your tailpipe for a while and you don’t notice there is no need to worry, because soon it’ll start coming out from under the hood. And it’ll be hard not to notice that.

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