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Get Your Vehicle’s Suspension Aligned in Baltimore

With all the snow and ice we’ve had recently, some of our least favorite road features have sprung up across the streets of Baltimore. These being, of course, potholes. Potholes are formed when water gets into cracks in the road and expands and contracts due to freezing, melting, and re-freezing. As the water expands and contracts, these holes grow bigger, until the next thing you know you’re driving along and it looks like someone started digging to China in the road. And that’s if you’re lucky. During times of snow melt and rain, many potholes are invisible because they look like shallow puddles, and appear harmless until you drive over them and…

BAM. That’s the sound of your suspension going out of alignment, and possibly your rim cracking. You’ll know if your rim cracks, because your tire will go flat. You might not know, however, that your suspension went out of alignment. However, an unaligned suspension is still a problem that needs to be taken care of. When your suspension goes out of alignment, your tires wear down faster and your car may start pulling to one direction or the other. So, bring your car in to your Baltimore auto repair shop, Auto Stop Ltd. We’ll align your suspension and get you rolling smoothly again. Watch out for those potholes!


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