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Fix Your Car’s Steering in Baltimore: Wheel Diagnosis

Has your car’s steering been acting up lately? Sounds like it’s time for a wheel diagnosis. In this week’s blog we’ll cover some of the problems you might be having with your steering, and why you might be experiencing them. If you need to fix your car’s steering in Baltimore, bring it to Auto Stop, your Baltimore auto repair shop.

Wheel Dianosis


Slipping or Hard to Turn

If the wheel feels like it’s slipping out of place either when you’re turning or holding it steady, this isn’t a good sign. It could be low power steering fluid or a worn out power steering belt. Another possibility is a leaking power steering rack or a bad power steering pump. If the wheel is hard to turn, one of these is likely the culprit as well.

Vibrations in the Wheel

A vibrating steering wheel is definitely an unnerving sensation. This is usually strongest when you’re at highway speeds. It could be that the wheels are out of alignment, or the tires have worn unevenly. In these cases, a wheel alignment or new tires would do the trick. Another problem could be that the wheel bolts just need to be tightened. A warped brake rotor could also be the cause of a vibrating wheel, which would require a new rotor.

Loose Wheel

If the wheel moves from side to side without you even touching it, something is most likely worn out. If you’re lucky, you might just need a power steering fluid refill. But, some of the more likely culprits are worn strut bearings, worn tie rods or steering rack, worn ball joints, or broken steering rack mounts.

Noisy Steering

Steering wheel making a screeching noise? The first thing to check is the power steering fluid. If that’s not low, then a power steering belt may be loose or worn out.

fix car steering Baltimore

If your car’s steering has been off recently, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Fix your car’s steering with Auto Shop!

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