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Five Tips for Passing Emissions

Got an emissions test coming up? Not sure if your vehicle will pass? It’s no guarantee, but the following tips on how to pass your emissions test could make the difference between a pass and a fail.


Five Tips for Passing Emissions


  1. For two weeks before the test, drive the vehicle at highways speeds on a regular basis. What this does is generate enough heat to allow the catalytic converter to burn off oil and gas residues that have built up.
  2. Two weeks before the test, get a tune up. A Baltimore auto repair shop can do the routine maintenance that will get your car in good shape for the test, as well as alert you to any problems that could cause you to fail. Get an oil change if you’re due for one. The reason you need to do this two weeks before the test is because, “Most mechanics disconnect the battery while doing a tune-up and this resets the car’s onboard computer. The car then needs two weeks of driving to run all the diagnostic tests needed to pass the smog test.”
  3. If your check engine light is on, take your car in to a Baltimore mechanic. A check engine light on is an automatic fail.
  4. Inflate your tires to the proper pressure, and get them aligned if your vehicle is pulling to one direction. This will help your car perform better in the dynamometer test by putting less resistance on the engine.
  5. Make sure your coolant and gas levels are adequate. This too is important for the dynamometer test. Because your vehicle will be stationary, it will rely more on coolant to keep the engine cool than moving air. Fill up the gas tank before you go as well. If you’re running low and vapor gets into the line, you’ll fail the test.


tips to pass emissions


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