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Exhaust Color: What Your Car’s Exhaust is Telling You 

The color of your car’s exhaust can help you identity a variety of issues or potential problems with your vehicle.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what the color of exhaust smoke actually means, however, so it’s always safest to work with a mechanic to identify specific issues. If you’re having performance issues with your car, what can exhaust color tell you about your car?


What does the exhaust color of your car mean?

White Smoke

White smoke is normally the biggest culprit of the misconceptions surrounding exhaust color. A thin layer of white smoke is nothing to worry about, as it generally means that a normal level of condensation has built up within the exhaust system. Thin white smoke will normally disappear quickly. Thicker white smoke, on the other hand, can be an indication that you have a blown head gasket, a damaged cylinder head or even a crack in the engine block. These issues can increase in severity overtime, so you need to visit a repair shop as soon as possible.

Blue Smoke

Your car may or may not have a problem when you have white smoke coming out of your exhaust, but blue smoke is an indication that your engine is burning oil. Your pistons can be worn or your valve guide can seal, and this allows the oil to find its way into the combustion chamber. The oil will be burned with the fuel, and you may need to replace internal parts. Burning oil can cause performance issues for you car, and it can eventually ruin spark plugs.

Black Smoke

You are probably most familiar with black smoke. When the exhaust color is black, it means that the engine is burning too much fuel. Your first step would be to check your air-filter and intake components, and then you would want to check if your fuel return line is clogged. This is normally one of the simpler issues to fix, but it can put a hurt on your wallet with all of the extra fuel being burned.

Whether you think your car is in need of serious repair or just a little tune up, always make sure to work with a professional repair shop that offers top-notch service.

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