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End of Summer Car Care Checklist

End of Summer Car Care Checklist

The start of a new season means that it is time to give your car a little bit of extra TLC.

The start of a new season means that it is time to give your car a little bit of extra TLC. The fall and winter have different effects and demands on your car, so putting in some time now could prevent problems down the road (and when it’s freezing cold outside!). Here is your end of summer car care checklist from your Baltimore auto repair shop, Auto Stop.

Start with the Musts

First, you should tackle the things that are must-dos on the list:

  • Inspect your vehicle to discover what your car needs. Take it into the shop and ask a professional to check all of the basics including your battery, fluids, belts, engine hoses, lights, brakes, and more. Many times, problems with these components start to manifest once the weather gets cold.
  • Check the tread depth of your tires. The depth should be at least 2/32” before the winter season. For a general estimate of this, use a penny with the head facing downwards. Place the penny in the tread at several different places on the tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tire tread is so worn that it might be time to replace them. If you live in a cold and snow-prone area like Maryland, it’s important to have enough tire tread to weather the winter.
  • Look at your windshield wipers to see if they are in good condition. These are essential parts of keeping your windshield clean during periods of rain and snow. Make sure that there aren’t any ragged parts where the rubber edge of the wiper contacts the windshield. This car care tip is important every season.

Move on to the Maybes

The next few car care tips are nice to have, but not necessary to keep your car drivable. If you have the time, take a few moments to:

  • Place some tube socks in your glove compartment and put them on your windshield wipers in the winter when the forecast is predicting ice or snow.
  • Use all-weather floor mats so that your car’s upholstery won’t be damaged as a result of ice, snow, or corrosive road materials like salt.
  • Is your car rear-wheel drive? Next time you are at the store, grab a 20-lb. bag of road salt, sand, or dirt. Place it in your trunk to help improve your tire grip during the winter months. If you purchase one of those materials, or kitty litter, you can also use it in an emergency to get your tires out of a slippery spot.

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