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Why is Emissions Testing So Important? Your Baltimore Auto Repair Experts Explain

Emissions Testing

The Baltimore auto repair experts at Auto Stop Limited explain why emissions testing is so important.

With Earth Day last week and Arbor Day tomorrow, many people are contemplating how to improve the environment we live in. For those of us in the auto repair business, however, we think about it all the time! In general, when you take your car to a Baltimore auto repair shop like Auto Stop Limited to get your annual inspection completed, you’ll also have emissions testing done as well. Emissions testing is very important because it helps reduce the amount of pollution created by vehicles on the road today.

Controlling Your Vehicle’s Emissions

Emissions testing involves taking a look at the various parts of your vehicle that control what it emits into the atmosphere. Checking these parts ensures that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible and producing as little pollutants as possible. The catalytic converter, for example, changes harmful emissions into less harmful ones before releasing them through the exhaust system. Filters are also present to help catch any pollutants created from high heat conditions.

The Purpose of Emissions Testing

The set of tests completed during an emissions test is done to see the amount of harmful pollutants your vehicle produces. Reducing pollutant emissions is a key to helping improve air quality in the regional environment. This is especially important in high-density cities like Baltimore, where there are a lot more cars and trucks on the road than in a rural area.

Many of us remember the apocalyptic scenes of the city of Beijing, one of the most densely populated cities on the planet, before the Olympics in 2008. Visibility was extremely low thanks to the densely polluted air that resembled fog and the air was very difficult to breathe. Emissions testing, combined with other measures, helped control the pollution in the city and led to a successful Olympic games.

Don’t Neglect Your Emissions Testing!

As mentioned before, emissions testing is usually done as part of the annual inspection of your vehicle. The auto repair experts compare the results of your vehicle to a database with specified parameters. If your vehicle meets these parameters, it passes the test! If it doesn’t, state law requires that the problems are repaired and the vehicle is retested.

Emissions Testing from Auto Stop Limited

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