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Driving Distracted: Tips for avoiding potentially Hazardous Distractions

Driving DistractedThe guy in front of you is shaving his beard. The woman next to you is applying makeup. The teenager behind you is talking on his cellphone. And you are sitting in your car, hoping nothing goes wrong. Distracted driving is dangerous driving.

Driving Distracted: Everyone does it

  1. 16 to 20 years old: Most young drivers tend to be distracted by things like cellphones, the radio, CDs, or MP3 players.
  1. 20 to 29 years old: Drivers in their 20s tend to be most distracted by passengers in their car, especially young children.
  2. Over 65 years old: Older drivers are most often distracted by objects or events outside their car.

And that is just the beginning. We all drive distracted, thinking about our day at work, last night’s Orioles game, your friends and family, and more. With so much running through your mind, it is a wonder you can focus on driving at all. Add in fatigue and stress and paying attention to the road is even more difficult.

Driving Distracted: Tips for avoiding potentially Hazardous Distractions

  1. First things first, fasten your seatbelt and make sure your passengers fasten their seatbelts, as well.
  2. Adjust your seat, steering wheel, and mirrors before starting the car.
  3. Tune to your desired radio station before you start driving.
  4. Secure any loose objects before driving.
  5. Make sure any drinks are in a spill-proof container to prevent any disasters.
  6. Try to avoid eating while driving. But if you do eat, stick to finger foods.
  7. Pull over to answer your phone. Never use your phone while driving, unless you have a hands-free device (although this is still not ideal). Your reaction time is drastically lowered while talking and driving.
  8. Keep conversations brief and light.
  9. Try to avoid arguments with passengers.
  10. Stay calm and don’t rush.

Please be safe.

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