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Driveshaft Problems: 3 Signs That You Need Automotive Service

Driveshaft Problems: 3 Signs That You Need Automotive Service

Here are three symptoms of driveshaft problems that require automotive service.

While vehicles are excellent for getting us around, they also contain many different parts that can malfunction and require repair. The driveshaft is one of these parts. Your car’s driveshaft is responsible for transferring the torque from the engine to the wheels. If this part malfunctions, you can experience a loss of control or power, as well as damage to the other components of your drivetrain. Here are three symptoms of driveshaft problems that require automotive service.

1. Intense Vibration

The most obvious sign of a driveshaft problem that you might notice is a fierce vibration coming up through the floor of your car. This shaking can be the result of a few different issues, such as worn bushings, u-joints, or bearings. Although a shaking sensation can be indicative of entirely different issues, driveshaft problems are unique because the vibration is unaffected by the speed of the vehicle.

2. Strange Noises

Another indication that you need automotive service is strange noises coming from your car. With driveshaft issues, these sounds are typically clunking, squeaking, or clicking noises. If your vehicle produces a loud clunking noise when shifting, you likely have a u-joint issue. Similarly, a u-joint in need of lubrication can squeak when you are driving at low speeds. Clicking sounds can indicate problems with a different joint. Pay attention to any new sounds, and visit your trusted local mechanic for service to address them.

3. Unusual Turning

Your driveshaft is responsible for delivering torque to your car’s wheels, and its malfunction can cause difficulty turning your vehicle. Insufficient torque means that your wheels cannot turn effectively. While this is an excellent indicator of a driveshaft problem, this can also be a dangerous symptom. If you experience any of these issues with your car, a driveshaft problem may be to blame. Contact the team at Auto Stop Limited Inc. for all of your automotive service needs!

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