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Does Your Ram Pickup Need a Transmission Replacement?

Does Your Ram Pickup Need a Transmission Replacement?

If you suspect that your Ram pickup needs transmission replacement, read this primer and contact the experts at Auto Stop Limited.

If you drive a Ram pickup, the chances are good that you routinely put your truck through the wringer. The Ram lines of trucks and vans have a reputation for being valuable investments for tradespeople, small businesses, and individuals who have to haul or tow large loads on a regular basis. These vehicles are known for their load-bearing and towing capacity rather than their speed or handling, but the brand is still synonymous with performance for many drivers. However, like any vehicle, your Ram may eventually experience transmission trouble. If you suspect that your Ram pickup needs transmission replacement, read this primer and contact the experts at Auto Stop Limited.

Signs That Transmission Replacement is Necessary

Various issues can lead to the need for transmission repair or replacement, but there are a few common signs that drivers should look out for. Red fluid pooling beneath your Ram could be the sign of a transmission fluid leak. While some leaks can be repaired effectively, some heavy leaks can result from significant transmission damage or faulty parts. Another sign that your Ram needs a new transmission is that it won’t go into gear, regularly pops out of gear, or shifts without cause or warning. These are all signs of significant transmission problems, and a transmission replacement may be required to resolve the issue.

Potential Transmission Problems in Ram Pickups

As with any vehicle, some model years of Ram pickup trucks have been known to experience more transmission problems than others. Drivers of the 2012, 2014, and 2015 Ram 1500 have reported a few problems, including hard shifting, difficulty downshifting, a sudden inability to accelerate, and sudden shifting out of drive. If you notice any of these issues or the symptoms described above, you may need transmission replacement or repair. For many Ram pickup owners, getting back on the road and back to work is crucial. Preventative maintenance and prompt repair from the experts at Auto Stop Limited is an excellent step in extending the life of your transmission and your Ram pickup as a whole. Contact our team today for more information on transmission replacement.

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