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Do I Need to Replace My Car’s Water Pump?

The water pump is a small part with a big job. This part of the engine is what circulates the coolant through the engine to keep it cool. If the water pump fails, the engine will overheat. So it’s important for your water pump to be in good shape.

Fortunately, water pumps do tend to last a long time. But, it’s important to know the signs of a failing water pump, so you can replace it before any problems start. Learn more about your car’s water pump and the signs that it might need to be replaced, in our blog.


This is your car’s water pump.

Do I Need to Replace My Car’s Water Pump?

The Part

The water pump itself is a small metal part in the engine. It circulates coolant through the engine to absorb excess heat in the engine, and then sends the coolant to the radiator to be cooled before the process starts again.

It’s driven by the timing belt or an accessory belt, and should last as long as the belt does. This can vary, but is usually anywhere between 60,000 – 90,000 miles. It’s usually recommended that when you get the timing/accessory belt changed, you get the water pump replaced too.

Warning Signs

Here are a few warning signs that your water pump might be on its way out.

  • Coolant leaks. If there’s a coolant leak, check and see where it’s coming from. If it’s the water pump, then it’s time to replace the part. Coolant is usually a greenish color. Water may also be leaking from the pump.
  • Noise from the water pump. A low pitch grinding noise is consistent with a damaged water pump.
  • A fraying belt. Check the timing and accessory belts. If they’re frayed or loose, this could be affecting the ability of the water pump to do its job.
  • Low coolant or engine temperature lights come on. If either one of these lights come on, it could be (but isn’t necessarily) a problem with the water pump.

If your car’s water pump needs to be replaced, bring your car to Auto Stop! We’ll get a new pump installed as soon as possible, so your engine stays cool and protected.

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