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Do Cars need Multivitamins too? Your Baltimore Auto Mechanic has the answer

Does your car need multivitamins? Well, not really. But, just like you, your car requires constant attention to keep it as healthy as possible.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for your Car

  1. Wash your Car: Yes, washing your car counts as preventative maintenance. It keeps your car looking great and helps your paint last. Neglecting your car could result in the fading or chipping of your car’s paint.
  2. Check the Tire Pressure: If your tires are not properly inflated, they cannot properly do their job. This will cause your tires to wear down unevenly and can even reduce your gas mileage. Check your owner’s manual for proper tire pressure.
  3. Check and Replace the Oil as needed: To check the oil, first remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a rag. Then reinsert the dipstick and remove again. Be sure the oil on the stick is just under or right at the correct oil-level line. And to receive the most accurate reading, check the oil before starting your car. And if the oil is black or a deep red, it is probably time to have it replaced
  4. Check the Battery: You should check your car battery periodically to ensure that it is in good working condition and is not leaking acid.
  5. Replace your Air Filter: Your air filter protects your engine from dust and dirt, prolonging the engine’s useful life. So do the right thing and periodically replace your air filter.
  6. Check the Antifreeze: The right level of antifreeze will ensure that your car works properly in all extreme conditions and climates. And remember, antifreeze should be added when the engine is cool.
  7. Rotate and Align your Tires: Having your tires rotated and aligned will help improve your gas mileage and help you get the most out of your tires.
  8. Visit Auto Stop Limited: At Auto Stop Limited Inc., our auto mechanics are highly trained and use the latest diagnostic technology to help keep your vehicle running in top condition. We service all makes and models and best of all, all of our work 100% guaranteed!

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