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DIY Car Maintenance Basics

We all know that cars need routine maintenance to run well, but you may be surprised to realize how much of it i you can do yourself. While the more complex tasks must be completed by a trained professional, there are many jobs that will help keep your car in good working order for longer and help reduce the amount of times your car will need to visit the shop. Read on to learn more about the jobs you can (and should!) be doing yourself in this week’s blog.

diy car maintenance

Do you know the basics of diy car maintenance?

DIY Car Maintenance Basics

Check your oil

You probably already know that you should be checking your oil, but it’s still worth repeating. To check your oil, simply remove the dipstick, wipe it clean with a paper towel and then reinsert. When you remove it again, check the oil level and ensure that it is within the recommended range.

Check your coolant

You should never remove the cap from your coolant compartment because it can become pressurized while you drive, leading to the possibility of serious injury. To prevent this, the coolant container is clear so that you can see through to the contents inside. You want to keep an eye on the pink liquid line, which should fall somewhere the “full hot” and “full cold” markings.

Check your washer fluid

There’s nothing worse than a streaky windshield when you’re driving in bad visibility, so making sure your windshield washer fluid is topped up is very important. Luckily it’s also very simple! All you have to do is find the cap that has the windshield symbol on it and then open it up. Your windshield wiper fluid should come up about a half inch from the filler neck’s top.

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