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How to Detect a Fluid Leak on Your Car

How to Detect a Fluid Leak on Your Car

Do you know how to detect a fluid leak on your car?

Are you ready for driving safely this fall? Colder temperatures mean that any fluids that leak from your car might freeze without you knowing about it. Do you know how to detect a fluid leak on your car? It could be any type of fluid that is present in your car’s system. Let’s learn more!

Seeing Spots

The first way you might notice a fluid leak is by seeing spots on the ground underneath your car. Whether your car is parked on your driveway, or kept in your garage, you might see patches of oil or other fluid left behind. To make sure, place some newspaper, cardboard, or aluminum foil under your car. You can confirm the presence of fluid leaking from your car with this method. Then, let your car sit overnight. By doing this, you give your car some time for the leak to happen.

Look at what has leaked onto the material, and where the drops fall. You can figure out what the leak is from this inspection. Some things to think about: what do the spots look like? What color are they, and what’s their consistency level?

Inspecting Fluid Reserves

Next, consult your vehicle’s manual. The owner’s manual can describe to you a wide variety of possible problems. The manual should also inform you of the different types of fluid your car needs, and what antifreeze you should use as well. Park your car somewhere flat and level. Pop the hood and check the dipstick. Inspect your engine coolant tank, your power steering fluid tank, and your brake fluid. Don’t forget to also check on your current levels of windshield washer fluid – all of these reserves can spring a leak.

Visiting a Mechanic

Lastly, visit a mechanic. In fact, why not trust your Baltimore auto repair experts here at Auto Stop? If you find that you can’t fix the fluid leak yourself, we can take of it for you. Have your warning lights come back on, even after you think you’ve fixed the leak? It’s time to bring in your automobile. Every fluid is a vital part of keeping your car or truck in good working order. In order to drive safely, you want to be sure your car is operating at optimal levels. We can help you with that, too.

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