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The Dangers of Changing Your Own Oil

The Dangers of Changing Your Own Oil

In most cases, it’s better to make an investment in the health and safety of your car and have a professional change your oil for you.

Do you change your own oil? While many people spend decades changing their car oil without any problem, there are some hidden dangers of changing your own oil that many people don’t consider. In most cases, it’s better to make an investment in the health and safety of your car and have a professional change your oil for you. 

It Isn’t Easy

First off, changing your own oil isn’t easy! To complete an oil change properly, you will need to lift your car off the ground using a floor jack and take things slowly. Most people who don’t already do much work on their cars do not have the proper tools or equipment to do so and end up fumbling around with limited visibility trying to get things done. A professional can totally elevate your car and take a thorough look at everything to make sure your car will run smoothly.

A Mistake Will Cost You

As with many do-it-yourself endeavors, making a mistake could cost you big time. While experienced and novice mechanics both slip up sometimes, at-home mechanics definitely make the most mistakes. A single mistake while changing your oil could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage. You’ll wish that you paid the small fee to let a professional tackle the task instead!

You Pay Retail

Many consumers try to change their own oil to save money without thinking of the fact that they are paying retail for all of the supplies they will need. Auto repair shops purchase parts and oil at wholesale rates, so you will get a large discount when you purchase from them. You will pay a small amount for labor, but you will save a great deal on the oil itself.

Your Time Is Worth A Lot

Trying to change your oil at home takes a great deal of time and effort, especially if you are doing things by the book. Since your time has value, it’s always best to avoid wasting it! Dropping your car off for an oil change never takes you very long, and you can even sip a cup of coffee or get some work done while you are waiting for your car to be finished. That’s a great deal!

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