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Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil

So it’s time to get an oil change. Every 3,000 miles right? Well, maybe not. Synthetic oil could keep your car going for longer than 3,000 miles, a lot longer in fact. But is it worth the extra cost? And does synthetic oil pose any risks to your car or to the environment?

synthetic oil

Though the first synthetic oils were developed in the late 19th century, their use in automobiles didn’t become common until almost a century later. In fact, the first widespread use of synthetic oils was as lubricant for the engines of jet planes, which required a lubricant that could withstand the high speed high heat and cold temperature performance that jet engines required. Car engines got their first taste of commercial synthetic oil with the release of Mobil 1 by Mobil Oil in the 70’s, and by the 1990’s almost every oil company manufactured a high end synthetic oil.

So what are the advantages of synthetic oil over conventional oil? For one, performance. Synthetic oil produces less resistance in the engine, which increases its horsepower and efficiency while using slightly less gas. A second advantage is longevity. Synthetic oils can withstand higher temperatures without breaking down, meaning you can go longer without an oil change. Estimates range between three times longer than conventional oil to up to 20,000 miles depending on the brand. This longevity also helps the environment, as you’ll be dumping less used oil from your car every year (though recycling your used conventional oil is an option).

However, there is a catch. Naturally, all of these benefits wouldn’t come without a price, and synthetic oil changes can cost over twice as much as a conventional oil change. In addition, synthetic oils are made from chemicals that are just as harmful to the environment as oil, so they’re not greener in that sense.

Another option is synthetic blend, which is a mix of synthetic and conventional oil. While it typically doesn’t cost as much as a purely synthetic oil change, it also doesn’t come with all the benefits of synthetic oil.

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