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Cold Weather Car Tips From Your Baltimore Mechanic

As the mercury keeps dropping, it seems like winter may never end. Puxatawney Phil predicted that spring would be coming soon, but judging by the forecast it doesn’t look like we’re out of the woods just yet. Freezing temperatures can be hard on your car, but with the right care problems can be avoided. Learn how to keep your car happy during the winter in today’s blog, below.

cold weather car tips

These cold weather car tips can help.

Cold Weather Car Tips From Your Baltimore Mechanic

Keep the battery charged

Your battery works best at warm temperatures so the colder it gets, the more wear and tear it receives. Make sure to check the fluid levels in your battery and top them off with distilled water as necessary. You also might want to have it checked by a professional mechanic who may be able to recharge it to prevent the need for a total replacement.

Replace your wiper blades

Visibility is crucial when it’s snowing, so it’s important that your windshield wiper blades work properly. Wiper blades tend to wear out faster than most people think and you should probably be replacing yours at least twice a year. If you haven’t yet replaced your wiper blades this winter, now’s the time.

Scrape your windows

Your windshield isn’t the only area you need to be able to see out of: Your windows need to stay clear as well. Be sure to purchase a small ice scraper and use it to clear your windows on frosty mornings before you try to go anywhere.

Consider new tires

Winter tires can make driving much more safe when roads are slippery, and chances are your tires are beginning to wear out anyway. If you notice that you don’t have as much control as you’d like when it’s snowing, ask your Baltimore mechanic about installing snow tires. And don’t forget to consider a wheel alignment while you’re there.

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